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Carbon Hammer

Carbon Hammer

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Carbon Hammer

Elevate your ice fishing experience with the Carbon Hammer Ice Fishing Rod. Meticulously designed for precision and performance, the Carbon Hammer boasts a sensitive tip combined with ample backbone, making it ideal for discerning anglers seeking the perfect balance between finesse and power.

Crafted with premium materials, this rod features a lightweight yet durable construction that ensures optimal responsiveness on the ice. The sensitive tip allows you to detect even the slightest nibbles, while the robust backbone provides the strength needed to reel in larger fish with confidence.

Whether you’re targeting panfish or chasing jumbo perch, the Carbon Hammer excels in any icy environment, delivering exceptional results. Designed for versatility, it’s the perfect companion for deploying light spoons or pounding tungsten jigs, while its oversized fly guides help mitigate ice build-up.

Available in 28” and 36”.

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